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Smart Adventure Helmet with inbuilt HD Camera and Bluetooth

Smart Adventure Helmet with inbuilt HD Camera and Bluetooth

Size: Small 55-58cms

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FREE Delivery & Free SD Card Included: No Customs or import duty across Europe. Stock here in Ireland. Global Shipping is available.

Introducing the Smart Adventure Helmet – the perfect companion for your adrenaline-fueled excursions! This helmet comes loaded with an inbuilt HD camera to capture all your epic moments in stunning detail. Plus, with Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily sync it up to your smartphone, listen to music, take calls, and more – all without taking off your helmet!

Not only is this helmet perfect for cycling, but it can also be used for a variety of other activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, sightseeing, Vlogging, skateboarding, etc. 


Not to mention, the high-quality lens design ensures that you'll be able to capture everything on your journey with beautiful high-contrast, and high-resolution shooting performance. So what are you waiting for? Order your Airwheel Smart Helmet today and experience the best in class!


When you need to capture the exact moment a dramatic event unfolds, look no further than Airwheel's high-resolution HDR video capture system. With its 2304x1296 resolution and 1/4 HDR mode, you'll be able to capture scenes that are perfect for dramatic photo and video content. 


With sequential HDR online-based interleaved HDR, you'll be able to produce videos that are full resolution and have high pixel density, ensuring excellent contrast and scene reproduction. 



Looking for a safe and sleek way to commute on your bike? Look no further than the Airwheel smart helmet! This helmet offers excellent toughness and strength to keep your head safe when cycling, while its sleek design makes it a favorite among cyclists.


 With its superior material complying with related standards of CPSC Equivalent crush resistance, it weighs only 425g and is perfect for cyclists who want a safe and stylish helmet. So, whether you're riding for fitness or fun, the Airwheel smart helmet is sure to keep you safe and stylish!



Bluetooth speaker that is perfect for any music lover. It features a 2000mAh large battery that can provide you with hours of music playback without having to worry about charging. 


The intelligent management chip helps prolong the battery life to 180min, making it the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy their music uninterrupted.


One-touch phone answer:

Never miss a call again with Airwheel's one-touch answer key! Just click the answer key when you hear the phone ring, and you'll be able to have a clear conversation without having to take your hands off the handlebar. 


The windbreak and denoiser microphone help to filter out external environment noise, so you can enjoy a clear call even when riding in busy areas. Plus, with the App interconnecting, you can easily control the video and take pictures while on your ride, which will help you remember all of the wonderful moments for later.


Ventilating System:

Our Ventilating system improves airflow by virtue of the front air intake design, deep ventilation slots, and top streamlined vents. As we know, 80% of human body heat is dissipated from the head. Such design ensures strength as well as maximum ventilation.


Suitable for 

  1. Cycling. 
  2. Skiing.
  3. Snow Boarding. 
  4. Climbing. 
  5. Hiking.
  6. Vlogging.
  7. Anytime you need to capture an image or video. 
  8. Not for use on rainy days. 

FREE Delivery:

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